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Product Photography Services and Pricing

1-10 Photos

  • 7 day turn-around

11-35 Photos

  • 10 day turn-around

36-50 Photos

  • 14 day turn-around

50+ Photos

  • Call to Discuss

Pricing is for general small product photos on a pure white background.

Features Included

Group Product Photography

Group Product Photography

3-5 items


6-10 items


10+ items


Group product photography requires more planning and collaboration than a simple product shot.  A photographer will be working directly with you to make sure you get the exact group shot you desire.


Clothing Product Photography
Clothing Product Photography
Ghost Mannequin Product Photography

We offer both flat and ghost mannequin clothing photography.   Flat clothing photography is photographed on a flat table.  We can also photograph your apparel on a standard mannequin showcasing a nice fitted look but without the extra expense of hiring a live model.   In post-production, our graphic artists remove the mannequin to create the popular “ghost mannequin” effect.  Call for bulk pricing.


Jewelry Product Photography
Jewelry Product Photography
Jewelry Product Photography

Most jewelry photographs share the same pricing structure as our simple product photography pricing, but some shots can be very complex.  Please contact us to discuss your jewelry project before ordering.

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